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From Father Kopacek Desk:

February 22, 2024:  Health Update From Father Kopacek

I currently am in the hospital in Osage.  This Friday, February 23 I have an appointment with an oncologist in Waterloo.  I will keep you informed what they determine is best for me when I have more information.  I am overwhelmed with all your love, prayers and concern.


February 21, 2024:  Health Update From Father Kopacek

I have received news from my doctor that I have developed esophageal cancer.  At this time, I am working on being transferred from the Mitchell County Medical Center in Osage, IA to the MercyOne Hospital in Waterloo where the medical team can determine on the best course of treatment for the cancer.

I would appreciate your prayers, and know I am keeping you in my prayer’s as well.



February 20, 2024:  Father Koacek Message

On Monday, February 19 I was transferred to Mitchell County Regional Health Center in Osage for physical and occupation therapy.  I remain on blood thinners for the blood clots.  Once we get all the results back concerning the thickening of my esophagus, I will let you know my next steps.  While I am at the hospital in Osage, I am asking only visitors from priests, close friends and family so I can regain my strength.  I thank you so very much for all your concern, cards and prayers.



Read At Mass February 17 & 18:  Father Kopacek Message

I would like to thank you so very much for your prayers and support. Your concern for my health and wellbeing has been overwhelming and I am grateful for your immense kindness. Thank you for welcoming our seminarian Jacob Francois on the altar and ‘breaking him in’ so to speak. Jacob mentioned that we had a great turn-out for our 5 Ash Wednesday liturgies and that his week without the pastor has been ‘baptism by fire.’ I am grateful to him for stepping in while I have been away at the hospital in Mason City. Nancy as always, is steering the ship too, a big thank you to her.

After being in the hospital for a week, this is the prognosis: I have developed a blood clot in my leg and one in each lung. Additionally, my doctors have discovered a thickening of the esophagus leading into the stomach. Once we find out what’s going on, then we will develop a plan. I will keep you fully informed.

Please keep me in your prayers, you are in mine.


Second Sunday Of Lent Mass ~ February 25, 2024

Click on the link to join ‘Second Sunday Of Lent’ Mass at 9:00 AM
Celebrant:  Rev. David Ambrosy



St. Peregrine Novena For Father Kopacek

St. Peregrine was known for his holiness but also for a miraculous healing that he received.  He was scheduled to have his leg amputed because of a cancerous growth.  The night before the surgery, he prayed for healing, received a vision of Christ coming down from the cross to touch his leg and was completely healed.

Click on this link to join in praying the St. Peregrine Novena.



Daily Reflections

No Daily Reflections From Father Kopacek Until Further Notice



‘Together’ Monthly Bulletin

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Ministry to the Sick and Hospitalized

If you would like to receive the sacrament Anointing of the Sick or would like Fr. Kopacek to visit you while sick or hospitalized, please call the cluster office and let him know. He will be more than happy to see you!

Music Ministers Needed

A strong music ministry is necessary for a vibrant parish.  All our parishes are in need of music ministers to help lead us in prayer.  If God has given you a gift of singing or playing an instrument, or even if you still need to develop that gift, contact the Cluster Office at


Online Giving

We appreciate your contributions  to the church community and would especially like to recognize those who are now using our ConnectNow Giving link.  Our online giving site is safe, secure and most of all convenient.  You will always control the amount and can change or stop it at any time.  If you would like to donate using our online giving system and have not yet had a chance to do so, click on the Online Giving tab on this website and then your parish name.  If you have any questions please contact Nancy Theis at the cluster office (641-393-2520).


Befriender Ministry

Volunteers are needed from each parish to:

  • Drive people to medical appointments
  • Drive people to Mass
  • Make daily calls to people who live along (make sure they are okay)
  • Actively participate in a prayer chain

Please call the cluster office (641-393-2520) or Teresa Klobassa (641-393-2598) if you are interested in volunteering or would like more information.

* The Holy Rosary Cluster has assembled a group of 15 parishioners representing each of our parishes who are prepared to visit people in difficult and transitional situations such as illness, loneliness or loss of a loved one.  If you, or someone you know, would like a visit from one of our outreach ministers, please call: Alta Vista – Philomena Boehmer (641-364-6962) Lourdes – Marge Ludwig ((641-393-2568) Elma – Teresa Klobassa (641-393-2598) Riceville – Jeanne Watts (641-985-2031) New Haven – Nancy Theis (641-985-4145)